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Aug 2019 —
Sir Alan Graham Dawtry, KES 1927-34, died on 27 Jan 2018 aged 102.  KES photos etc; there are many obits. [John Cornwell]
Alan Harding WILCOCK, master at KES from 1957 to 1975, died in Carlisle on 3rd September 2017, aged 82. KES photos etc; there is a glowing obit in Carlisle Cathedral's 2018 Review. [Michael Ainsworth, 61-68]
Dr Alan Mousley, KES 1942-49, died in March 2018.  Form photos etc. [Gordon C Bingham, 1952-8]
J R A Cook, KES 1961-68, known as Robert or Jack, died in Sept 2018. Form photos etc plus an obit [John Parr]
David Dickinson SPEIGHT, KES 1960-67, died unexpectedly on 25th December 2018, at home, aged 70 years. Form photos etc. [Chris Beck, 60-67]
Brian (Bertie) Round, KES 1944-53, died in Dec 2018, in Dorset, aged 84. He was a fine swimmer at school and excelled as a salesman of Adsetts Ice Cream according to the autobiography of George MacBeth. [John Cornwell]
Ronald Kay OBE, KES 1930-37, died on 17 May 2019 aged 99. There is an obituary in The Guardian and a Wikipedia article. He was the guest speaker at the KES Speechday in 1967. [John Cornwell]
Peter D C Points, who taught at KES 1958-63, died in Winchester on 4 Feb 2019 aged 90. Obituary from Brighton College; obituary from Pangbourne College; notes from KES.  [Don Nicolson, KES 59-66]
Ralph Windle, KES 1941-49, died on 21 April 2019, aged 88. There are obituaries in The Guardian and via Green Templeton College.  [Don Nicolson, KES 59-66]
Jul 2019 —
John Roger Williams, KES 1951-58, died in London on 13th August 2018. Roger was at KES from 1951 to 1958 when he  went on to Selwyn College, Cambridge, as a choral exhibitioner. He subsequently became a teacher and then, I believe, joined Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education. [Mike Hill, KES 51-58]
Robert Jackson, KES 1942-47, died on 12 July 2019 aged 88. Bob arranged several OEA dinners single-handedly in the interregnum in the 2010s beween presidents JP and JP. Yorkshire Post has an obit; the funeral is on  8 Aug 2019. [Don Nicolson, KES 59-66]
Feb 2018 —
David Johnson, KES 1969-1975, died on 23 Feb 2018. He worked at a number of advertising and publicity companies before starting his own company. He was very active in OE football for some years. He was diagnosed with Huntingdons some years ago and fought it very bravely. He died peacefully in St. Luke's. His funeral will be at Hutcliffe Wood on 20th March at 1.15pm; Ian Price will be officiating. [Ian Price, KES 68-75]
Oct 2017
John Scriven, KES 1961-1968, died on 27 Oct 2017 following a heart attack on a golf course near Basingstoke [Paul Main, KES 59-66]
John Ratcliffe, KES 1950-1957, died on Monday 23rd October 2017 and his funeral will be held at Narberth crematorium, Pembrokeshire at 2.30pm on Friday 10th November with refreshments in the Village hall, Dinas afterwards. John was Head Boy '56-'57 before going on to Oxford. His widow Wendy says that she would be pleased to see any of his old school friends [Bob Avis, KES 50-57]
Roger Crump, KES 1957-1964, died on 12 Sept 2017 [Amanda Field, daughter]
A D Wille (Tony), KES 1965-1972, died in 1998 [John Mather, KES 65-72]
Lynn Johnson, KES 1971-1973, who married John Mather, died on 20 May 2007 [John Mather, KES 65-72]
Gordon Y Adam, who taught German and Russian at KES from 1959 to 1984, died aged 90 on 12 Aug 2017 [Steve Biggins, KES 68-75]
Sept 2017
Leslie Youle, KES 1949-1956, died in 2017 [Jeremy Youle, son]
Apr 2017
Arthur Jones (AGJ), Classics master 1960 to 1989, died on 29 March 2017 in Frimley Park Hospital [Helen Bartlett, daughter]
Eric Allsop, KES 1935-40, died on 12 March 2017. Eric had a distinguished war record, was a long-time member of the OEA Cricket team and a regular at the OEA dinners. [John Parr]
Dennis A Barry, KES 1936-38, RAF jet pilot, awarded the Croix de Guerre with palme for his war-time exploits over France, died in Sheffield aged 95 in March 2017 [John Cornwell]
Mark Reid, KES 1976-82. A tremendous rugby player and avid supporter of the school and the association, Reidy was a gentleman and a great friend to all. His funeral was held at East Berkshire Crematorium at 12.45 on Wednesday 22 March 2017 with a thanksgiving service at 2pm at Maidenhead Rugby Club. [John Parr]
Trevor Ford, KES 1939-41, died on 23 Feb 2017. He was a geologist at the University of Leicester. [Peter York, Geology, KES]
Jan 2017
George H Cowan, Head of Classics and 2(1) form master 59-64, died aged 97 in Watford in 2015; he was Deputy Head at Harrow County School from 1964 to 1977, where one of his pupils was Michael Portillo. His son Peter was at KES 59-64 [Don Nicolson]
Nigel S West, KES 1963-70, in Form 1(4) in 1963/64, died on holiday in India in February 2013 (The Guardian obit) [John Aplin, KES 63-70]
Kenneth Richardson, KES 1932-38, dob 21.12.21, died on 14th January 2017 (brief obituary). Ken lived in S10 and was a regular at the OEA dinners. [Pat Howard, daughter]
Oct 2016
Tony Rickwood, KES 1951-58, died in December 2015; obit by his daughter; brief obit from University College; various national obits; mentions on OE website (1st XI cricketer) [Roger Morton, KES 45-55, also University College]
Sept 2016
Leigh Bellamy, KES 1958-65, died in February 2016 from cardiomyopathy. "Leigh is thought to have died in his sleep, at home in Herries Road, Sheffield. He was a determinedly private person and, since the death of his mother had lived alone, with his cat, in the family home. Until his retirement he had worked as a draughtsman/designer in the steel industry." [Paul Hockney, KES 59-66, his cousin]
Peter John Watson-Liddell, KES 1926-33, who also taught Classics at KES from 1958 to 1959, died on 23 July 2013. [Telegraph, Axel Palmer]
Jack Howarth Longden, KES 1934-39, was born on 21st July 1923 and passed away on Monday 15th August 2016 - aged 93. He played cricket for the school and later for Balfour Darwins, where he worked as a technical sales engineer. [Tony Longden, son]
Ronald Matthews (KES 1934-38) died on 14th August in Sheffield, aged 94. Ronald held a senior administrative position at the Town Hall for many years. During the Second World War he was a navigator in Bomber Command. He completed a tour of operations in 1943-44 flying from a base in Southern Italy. He was involved in operations that included raids on Bulgarian, Roumanian, Hungarian and Austrian targets, as well as communications networks in Northern Italy. He was promoted to Warrant Officer and won the DFM for an action over the Danube. [John Cornwell]
Aug 2016
Terry Cook, KES 1947-54, died on 6 Aug 2016, after suffering from dementia for some years [More info from David Cook, KES 1956-63]
John H Bates, KES 1950-57, died in hospital on 25 June 2016, after suffering from cancer. John went to Downing College Cambridge and had attended several OEA functions since 2000 [Carmen Bates; links]
June 2016
Howard Woodcock, KES 1930-38, has died in Sheffield after a long illness; former owner of Woodcock Travel and OE cricketer [Brian Hall via John Parr]
Simon Mann, KES 1968-75, died on 13th June 2016. Cremation at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium on June 28th at 10.15am. Donations to St. Luke's Hospice   [The Star via John Parr]
Ivor H Jones, KES 1945-53, died on 7 April 2016. He had been Principal of Wesley House in Cambridge from 1984 until retirement in 1999. Ivor was Deputy Head Prefect 1952-53, and played for the football and cricket 1st XIs before completing degrees at Oxford followed by Cambridge. There are several obituaries online. [John Cornwell]
Feb 2016
Peter Warburton, KES 1959-1966, died in Keighley on 9 March 2010 of a brain tumour. He had been an administrator at the Airedale Hospital before retiring aged 60. [Jackie Warburton]
David Askham, KES 1959-1966, died in Sheffield on 23 November 2015 [The Star, obits]
Andy Butler, KES 1959-1966:after working in civil engineering for many years in Qatar, Andy Butler and his wife, Helen, had retired to Soubes, a village near Lodeve in the South of France, where he died suddenly of a massive heart attack on 4th January 2012; his funeral took place in Sheffield [Peter Reed, KES 1959-66]
Jan 2016
David Guest, KES 1969-1976, died in a car accident on Thorne Road in Doncaster in early December, 2015. He played cricket for the school (opening the batting with John Parr for the 1st XI in 1975) and later for the Old Edwardians. [John Parr, KES 1968-75]
Nov 2015
David Keighley, KES 1941-1951, died in early October after a few months of steadily deteriorating health. "His funeral service was held on Friday October 16th, and Bob Needham and Maurice Millward, two contemporaries of his at KES, were able to attend, and Bob addressed those present with memories of David the schoolboy. I was myself overseas at the time and not able to attend, but I had been able to talk with him over the phone from time to time during his final months when he wasn't up to receiving visitors, and he seemed always to be in good spirits." [Jack Hallows, KES 1943-50]
Sept 2015
Erwin Gorczynski, KES 1965-1969, passed away peacefully after a courageous fight against cancer on Tuesday 1st of September 2015, aged 65. After KES Erwin went to Clare College, Cambridge, where he obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering. He worked in the oil industry in a variety of roles. [Rob Gorczynski (Erwin’s son)]
Trevor Nuttall, who was Head of Economics 1965-68 (and master in charge of football and tennis), died in May 2015 aged 78 in Harrogate [obituary]
Martin Coles (KES 1956-63) died on 14th April 2015 [Vincent Smith, 56-63, who has supplied a memoir related to Martin]
Aug 2015
Sue Dove died in June 2015. Sue taught as a supply teacher at the school during the 1990s and her two sons Robert and Jolyon were both pupils at the school. Her husband Graham was wicket keeper for the Old Edwardians Cricket Club for many years Sue's funeral took place at St John's Church Ranmoor, Sheffield on Monday 29th June 2015 [John Parr]
Mar 2015
Gary Wells, KES 1949-1957, died in Spain of cancer in August 2014 [Jenny Wells, widow]
John Brown, KES 1957-1964, died aged 68 on 3rd March 2015 in Sheffield. "A lifelong mate of mine, he went from KES to Sheffield University and studied architecture, working for Mansell Jenkinson and then Sheffield Council. He lost his wife to cancer in 2001, and died peacefully in St Luke's. He leaves 2 young sons. I was never able to persuade him to join us at the OE dinner, but I know he kept a watch on activities, and was always proud of being an OE. He recounted how Mr Clapton had told him that he'd never be an architect, 'Your maths and physics aren't good enough lad.' And his inner glee at returning years later to oversee the refurbishment of the roof at the school." [Ian Price, KES 68-74]
Feb 2015
Doreen Evelyn Gallantree, School Clerk at KES from 1969-82, died on 4 February 2015; her funeral was on 18th Feb. 2015. Before that she was a school secretary at Whitby Rd. School and then Beaver Hill School. She served in the WAAFs during the war and married Alan Gallantree DFC (Mosquito navigator, 50 ops, former Firth Park G.S. pupil) [John Cornwell]
Jan 2015
Shan Smith, KES 1976-82, died at home, in Horwich, on 30th December 2014, aged just 49. One of the 3 'Smith Girls', she had a kidney transplant when she was sixteen but made it to Cambridge to study archaeology. She eventually became a successful solicitor. However, I am sure she would say that her greatest achievements were having her two children - Molly (5 yrs old) and Oliver (10 years old). She also leaves behind a much loved husband, Steam. [Analisa Smith, KES 74-81, sister]
John Clifford Clark, KES 1953-58, brother of Geoff Clark (59-66), passed away in Lancing on 15th September 2014 [Jackie Clark, widow]
Dec 2014
Gladys Manifield, who taught Geography and R.E. and was Deputy Head of the Lower School until 1980, died on 25 Dec 2014 [Jane Leigh, family friend]
Nov 2014 —
John Higginbotham, KES 1966-73, died suddenly on Monday 17th November aged 59; John was in 1(3) in 66-67, a 1st XI cricketer and a prefect 72-73 [Phil Higginbotham, brother]
Robert Griffin, KES 1972-76, became a Royal Marine Commando and was killed in action on 8 June 1982 in the Falklands campaign [Paul Morris, KES 1972-76]
Oct 2014 —
Ken (Kenneth Morrison) Forsyth, KES 1945-1948, died in New Zealand on 30 June 2014 [Beryl McCallum]
Bob Bray, KES 1930-37, DFC and Bar, born 5 May 1921, died 15 August 2014 [John Cornwell, D G Bradbury, et al]
Ken Bray, KES 1933-37, died aged 92 on 29 May 2012 [Philip Robinson, KES 1959-66]
Aug 2014 —
Ian Roderick Scutt, KES 1928-35, son of Harry Scutt (master at KES) died in Chesterfield in 2003; Ian studied Law at Trinity Hall, Cambridge
Philip Burkinshaw, KES 1930-40, died suddenly at home in Little Walsingham on June 24th aged 92 years. Formerly of Sheffield, the Parachute Regiment, the Colonial Administration in Sierra Leone, Gambia and Nyasaland and the Corps of Queen’s Messengers.  [Louise Fairchild (niece), who has provided this obit]
June 2014 —
Roger Tolson, KES 1970-77, died on 11 February 2014; he played rugby at school and went on to Oriel, Oxford, subsequently working for the Imperial War Museums [Guardian obit]
Peter J Frost, KES 1934-1944, recently of Ringinglow, has died [David Frost, son]
May 2014 —
David M Turner, KES 1945-1953, recently of Reading, has died [David Kirkman, KES 1943-53]
Aidan Speakman, KES 1923-1932, of Dore, has died [David Kirkman, KES 1943-53]
Robert Torry, KES 1964-1970, of Crosspool, has died [David Kirkman, KES 1943-53]
Apr 2014 —
Roger William Mercer, born 1932 and at KES 1941-1950, died of pneumonia in Newholme Hospital, Bakewell on 7 December 2013, aged 81 [David Hope, KES 1958-66]
Brian Wilkinson, KES 1940-47, passed away aged 85 on March 9, 2014 after a short illness. He did National Service from ’47 before going to Sheffield University. He had fond memories of the school, even though he and his fellow pupils referred to it as the ”Clarkhouse Prison”! His obit. is here for reference [Martin Wilkinson, son, KES 1976-78]
Feb 2014
David G.N. (Dan) Helliwell, KES 1944-54, lately of Kings Langley, died aged 76 on 6th July 2012 after a short but difficult illness. He was at KES in both the Junior and Senior Schools (from 1947) and went on to Nottingham University. He was at school an excellent swimmer and water polo player and played rugby for Sheffield Club for several years before he moved away to the London area. He worked in the distribution industries and was Sales Director for Parcel Force when he retired in 2001 [David Allen, KES 1948-1955]
Jan 2014
Sir Robert Scholey, KES 1930-37, of Much Hadham, died on 12 Jan 2014, aged 92 [obituary, Sheffield Telegraph]
John Birley, KES 1932-39, of Edinburgh, died in 2013 [Anne Dudgeon, daughter]
Nov 2013
Peter A Mold, KES c1935-42, of Bakewell, born in 1924 and in 4B during 1938-39, died on Nov 22 2013 in Chesterfield Royal Hospital; the funeral is to be on Wednesday 4th December 2013 at Bakewell Methodist Church, at 1 pm. [Simon Mold, son]
Jack (J C) Mold, KES 1933-36, a driver in the B.E.F., became a bank manager in Sheffield. His dates were 1918-88, and he died in Arnside, whither he and his wife Mary had retired. [Simon Mold, nephew]
Oct 2013
Dr Peter S Green, KES 1939-1948, died in Feb 2013 [Mrs B E Green, YO26, his wife]
Neil Thompson, KES 1972-1979, died in June 2013; Neil played board 5 in 76/77 for the chess team captained by Giles Orton [Catherine Thompson, S7, his wife; chess info from Giles Orton, 70-77]
Aug 2013
Dr John Anthony Griffiths, KES 1935-42, died 26th June 2013 aged 89 years. Qualified in Medicine at Sheffield Univ. in 1948; consultant anaesthetist, later a consultant in Occupational Medicine. Retired to North Wales in 2006. [Mary Griffiths, Pwellheli, Gywnedd]
May 2013
Ray Ashford, KES 1953-59, in 2012/13 [Bob Jackson]
John Nowill, KES 1943-1954, in 2011 [Bob Jackson]
Ian Mottershaw, KES 1944-1954, in 2012/13 (Mottershaw was Head Prefect in 1953-54) [Bob Jackson]
John R Fairclough, KES 1951-1958, on 9 April 2013, aged 72 (Daily Telegraph) [David Wolstenholme, 51-8]
Mar 2013
Dr W Eric Wightman (who taught history at KES from 1957-1962) died in Watford on 6 March 2013 [Chris Brearley, KES 54-61] ; the funeral service will be at 1.30pm, Friday 22nd March at St Michael’s and All Angels, Watford [Obituary by Roger Wightman, son]
Feb 2013
Nigel S West, KES 1963-70, in Form 1(4) in 1963/64, died on holiday in India in February (Sheffield Telegraph) [John Parr, KES 68-75]
Peter Geoffrey Hudson, KES 1937-43, and Queen's College, Oxford, died on 3rd July 2012 [Frank Bland, KES 1944-1953]
William Jeffery Smith, KES 1928-35, and University College, Oxford, died on 19th Oct 2012 [Frank Bland, KES 1944-1953]
Douglas Malthouse, KES 1934-1941, died on 26 Dec 2012; obituary notes (Sheffield Star) [Richard Malthouse, son]
Clive Tiddy, KES 1943-1953, died on 6 Feb 2013; Clive played cricket at school, was a former President of the Old Edwardians and a Vice President of Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club [John Parr, KES 68-75]
Barrie Cheetham, KES 1954-1961, died on 11 Feb 2013; a memorial service is being arranged in Marlow, Bucks. Barrie was Head Prefect and Rugby Capt in 1960-61, and went to Corpus Christi College, Oxford. [Bill Abbott, KES 54-61]
John Weston, KES 1946-1953, died in London on 22nd January 2013. John left KES in 1953, and after National Service in the Navy, took a modern languages degree at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. John was a fine sportsman, excelling at football and cricket at School and University (and Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club). [David Beynon, KES 43-52]
Dec 2012
Arthur Jackson, who was Deputy Head at KES from 1958 to 1981 has died, aged 95; the funeral is on Monday 10 Dec 2012 at 10.00 am at the Sheffield Crematorium [School Office]
Oct 2012
David Tomlinson, KES 1952-60, recently of Totley, died on 5 October 2012; he had been a teacher at Hinde House and Waltheof (Sheffield Star report, 10 Oct 2012) [Miles Roddis]
July 2012
Sir Geofroy TORY, KES 1925-31, died aged 99 on July 18, 2012, in County Cork [notice]
David Hook, KES 1942-49, a regular at OEA dinners, died in Hull on 13 July 2012, after a long illness; a service will be held on 19 July 2012 at 1.30pm Haltemprice Crematorium, Willerby, Hull HU10 6NS [Mrs P A Hook]
Geoffrey Clark, KES 1959-66, died in London on 9 July 2012 after a short illness [John Clark, KES 53-58]
June 2012
John Phillips, KES 67-74 and incumbent OEA President, died in Sheffield on Tuesday 19 June 2012; funeral details are here [Peter Kersh]
John Kenneth Hall (Jake), KES 65-72, died on 21 April 2012 (former captain of Chesterfield RUFC and KES 1st XV player) [Charles Tallent]
Apr 2012
Bob Wright, KES 59-66, died August 2010 [Val Wright, widow]
Raymond Page, KES 1936-43, Elrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon at the University of Cambridge, died on March 10 2012 [Daily Telegraph]
Mar 2012
Len Hunt, KES 1941-49, died in Sheffield in 2011 [Bob Jackson]
David Law, KES 1938-49, died in Sheffield on 17 May 2011 [Bob Jackson]
Jim Trotter, KES 1940-47, died in Sheffield on 2 Aug 2011 [Bob Jackson]
Sandy Bethell, KES 1939-48, died in Sheffield on 27 Feb 2012 [Bob Jackson]
David Ronald Bentley QC, KES 1953-1960, died in Sheffield on 1st March 2012; an account of his life from his funeral service [John Darwent (KES 1953-58)]
Feb 2012
John Bingham, KES 1941-1951, died in London, W4, on Friday 17th February 2012. The funeral will be on 9th March, at Sheen Cemetery at 11am. [Anne Bingham, his wife]
Dec 2011
Russell Sharrock, headmaster of KES from 1966 to 1988, died on 14 December 2011; his funeral took place at St. Mark’s Broomhill at 1pm. on Wednesday, 28th December 2011 [John Cornwell]
Sept 2011 —
Michael J A Wolstenholme, KES 1944-1951, died around 2006 near Huntingdon [son]
Aug 2011 —
F G Thorpe KES 1937-1946 - Old Edwardians of his era will be sad to hear that 'Tony' Thorpe (Dr Frederick Graham Thorpe) died aged 83 earlier this month. Tony graduated from the University of Sheffield and practised medicine in the city. There will be a Thanksgiving Service for Tony's life on Monday September 5th at 2.00pm in All Saints Ecclesall Parish Church. [Roger Watkin]
Peter Owen Jones, Head of Art at KES 67-80s, died in 1993 [Helena Hutton, daughter]
Jun 2011 —
Roger Jacques (John Roger Jacques), KES 1955-62, passed away suddenly but peacefully on 25 November 2010. He was in Form 1(4) entry 1955/56. He was the Chief Planning Officer at Blaby District Council in Leicestershire before his retirement. He was always very proud to be ‘an old spud’ as he called the alumni; school details [Kate Jacques, daughter]
Richard 'Dick' Gilbert, KES 1952-1959, solicitor at HLW (Hartley (OE), Linfoot (OE), & W), died on 21 May 2011; school details [John Phillips]
Ken Arnold , KES 1922-31, Lord Mayor of Sheffield from 1973-74, passed away on 11th March 2011 [John Cornwell]
Mar 2011 —
J D Michael Hides, KES 1936-43, Editor Sheffield Telegraph from 68 to 83, died in October 2001 [link to Guardian Obit];
Phil Mawson, KES 1963-70, died on 22 March 1998; school details
Martin Linskill, KES 1961-68, who became Father Martin Linskill at St Matthew’s Carver Street in Sheffield, died in the 1990s; school details
Dr Michael Ezra Newman, KES 1961-68, died in March 2007 after a long and courageous battle with brain cancer [info from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge]; school details
Professor Alfred Barnes SRGS 1892-1897, Professor of Medicine at the University of Sheffield, died October 23 1956 aged 75 [BMJ Obituary]
Feb 2011 —
Gordon Nutter, KES 1946-1952, died July 2010 aged 75 [Wendy Nutter, widow]
Hedley Gill, KES 1941-1949, lately of Totley, died on 27 December 2010 aged 80. He had been in Broomgrove Nursing Home, almost in view of KES, for a couple of years. He made many lasting friendships at KES and often talked fondly about his school days. [Kathryn Watson, daughter]
Robert Judson, KES 1961-1968, died in 1995 and there is a memorial stone to him on the Five Weirs Walk. Bob, known as George at KES, was Borough Treasurer of Eastbourne Borough Council. [Some info from Roger Mallett, KES 59-66, who knew Bob when they were both in Brighton.]
Jan 2011 —
Tony Raw, KES 1968-1975, died 1 June 2010 [Elke Delfosse]
Aug 2010 —
David A Elliott, KES 1949-1955, died Monday, 11 August 2010 [Annette Elliott, widow]
K P Barnett, Classics Master 48-52, died Monday, 19 July 2010 [King's School Worcester]
TILBROOK, Wilfred A (KES 1924-31), died c. 2002 (City Engineer for Newcastle) [Anne Moon, niece]
Jul 2010 —
Norman Head, KES 1925-32, of Coventry died 8th June 2010 aged 94 [Mike Head, son]
Mar 2010 —
Deryck Allen, KES 1926-37, died in hospital on March 14 2010 aged 91 years [Sheffield Star]
Feb 2010 —
John Nutter, KES 1940-50, died on 18 Feb 2010 [Gordon Nutter (KES 1946-1954)]
Dave Sheasby, KES 1952-59, died in Sheffield on 26 Feb 2010 [Sheffield Telegraph]
Oct 2009 —
John Billington, KES 1940-49, a regular at the OEA dinners, died suddenly on 27 October 2009 [John Heath, 50-57]
John Ramsden, KES 1959-66, died in Sheffield on 16th October 2009 after a five months battle with cancer. John had been Professor of History at QMC, London, for many years. [Mrs Susan Ramsden]
Peter Landin, KES 1940-47, died 3 June 2009. [Graham Birtwistle, 50-57]
Aug 2009 —
Bill (W C) Hall, teacher at KES 1960-64, died at North Adelaide on Saturday 9th May 2009, aged 70. [Mrs Dorothy Hall]
Martin Young, KES 1956-63, died October 1999. [Vincent Smith, 56-63].
July 2009 —
Alan Finch, teacher at KES early 1970s - mid 1980s, died on 2 July 2009.
May 2009 —
Brigadier Sir Edgar "Bill" Williams, KES 1929-31 died in June 1995. He was 82.
Franz Mandl, KES 1936-42 died on Wednesday 4 February 2009. He was 85. [Mrs M E Mandl]
David Hardy, KES 1950-1957, died suddenly in 2009 after a heart attack. David went on to study classics at Cambridge and then devoted himself to promoting modern Greek, teaching in the late sixties and early seventies at a University in Northern Ireland, writing the odd book and acting as an adviser to the BBC for one of its televised Greek language programme. He lived for many years in Greece where he died, leaving behind a daughter, Aliki, now in her early twenties. [Gary Tyas, KES 50-57]
Apr 2009 —
Sir Peter Youens, KES 1930-1935 died on 6 May 2000 [Obit in Daily Telegraph]
Mar 2009 —
Robert P Earp, KES 1939-1946 died in 2008 [Returned newsletter]
Eric Herbert Watson, KES 1933-1940 died in 2008 [Returned newsletter]
Peter Wreghitt, KES 1938-1948 died in 2008. Peter was perhaps the outstanding all-round KES sportsman of the grammar school era. He was centre-forward for the Football 1st XI, and opened the batting and the bowling for the Cricket 1st XI, being one of the select few Edwardians to score a century. He was also a fine athlete and cross-country runner. He went on to Keble College, Oxford, where he was elected to both Oxford University Authentics Cricket Club and Oxford University Centaurs Football Club. [Returned newsletter]
John Wrigley, Languages master at KES from 1964-67 died in 2008. John attended Manchester Grammar School, followed by Keble College Oxford, graduating with Class II in Languages in 1958; he arrived at KES in 1964 from King's School, Chester and left in 1967 for the Hulme Grammar School, Oldham. Photo in 1967. [Susan Budd, daughter]
David Michael Else, KES 1944-50, died 24th June 2008. [Verona Else, widow]
Feb 2009 —
Ken Kaye, KES 1931-37 passed away on 6 September 2006. [Richard Malthouse (son-in-law and son of Douglas Malthouse, KES 1934-41)]
Dr D Trevor Crisp KES 1943-1953, died on 1 Jan 2009 in Newton Stewart, Scotland. [Returned newsletter]
James Picken, KES 1932-1941, died 5th August 2008 in Sheffield aged 84. Jim began his career with Hadfields in 1948 and spent 9 years in Kuala Lumpur between 1952 and 1961. He returned to Sheffield in 1961 and continued working in the Sheffield Steel Industry with Hadfields, Firth Brown, Sheffield Forgemasters and Simonds. [Chris Picken, son]
Ted Powell, KES 1951-1958, died 22 September 2005 aged 67. Ted (Eddie at school) was an outstanding amateur international footballer and football coach. He coached the Malawi national team in the late 70s and is still revered in Malawi. He coached the England Under-18 side (Robbie Fowler, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, Sol Campbell etc) to European Championship victory in 1993. School photos.
Alan Jowitt, KES 1934-1940, Master Cutler in 1988, died in Sheffield in July 2006 [Mark Jowitt, son]
Oct 2008 —
Roy S Jessop, KES 1958-1965; died Oct 2008 at his home Quorn, Leicestershire [Sheffield Star, 3 Oct 2008]
Sept 2008 —
David Bows, KES 1952-1959; died 10th July 2008 at his home in Herefordshire [Info supplied by John Bows (1956-1963)]
Dr Gareth Beynon MA FRCP, KES 1949-1956; died 8 September 2008. Gareth had retired from his medical consultancy some years ago, and for the last two or three years had been in poor health. Gareth left KES in 1956 and after National Service followed his brother David to Trinity Hall, Cambridge to study medicine. He practised in London as a Consultant in geriatrics. [Info supplied by David Beynon (KES 1943-1952)]
Aug 2008 —
David Anderson, KES 1948-1955; Head of Economics at KES 1967-95; died 11 Aug 2008. [Info supplied by his son Richard (KES 1983-1989)]
Raymond George Clarke, KES 1955-1960; died on 29 July 2008 after a long battle with a brain tumour. His funeral was very well attended, and a tribute to Ray was given by Errol Crowe, another OE. [Info supplied by Mike Fearne (KES 1954-1959)]
June 2008 —
Hamid Moghul (c70-77) (KES cricketer and captain in 1977) died after a heart attack in 2003 playing squash in Saudi Arabia when working for one of the major banks. [Info supplied by his brother Abdul Moghul (67-74)]
May 2008 —
Barry Victor Lee (47-54) died on May 3rd 2008 after a long illness. For 40 years he worked at Swinden Labs., British Steel's research facility in Rotherham, until he took early retirement due to ill health. He had been living in Wickersley with his wife, Pat [Info supplied by Michael Blagden (46-53)]
Norris Wilson (KES 1972-77, in Form 2W) died in an accident in April 2001 [Info supplied by Norris' sister Sonia Wilson (KES 1970-75)]
John Shaw (KES 36-43) scientist, died in Ohio in 2008 aged 83 [Star Obit];
J D Michael Hides (KES 36-43), Editor Sheffield Telegraph from 68 to 83 [Star Obit of his wife];
April 2008 —
Sir Norman Siddall (1918-2002) died in Mansfield in 2002 aged 83 [Guardian Obit];
March 2008 —
H John Roake (1941-1948) died in Worksop after a long battle with cancer on 20 Aug 2007 [Mrs Anne Roake];
John Sartin (1941-1947)
died in Belper on 13 June 2007 [Mrs J Sartin];
Tony Weston (1948-1955)
died in Southampton of a heart attack on 7 Jan 2007 [Mrs Diana Weston];
Ruben Viner (1920-1924) of S10 died in the 2000s
John (J E) Ashcroft (1955-62) died in March 2008 [Rob Williams]
Feb 2008 —
Glyn Kilroe (KES 1954-59) died from leukaemia on 5th December 2007 [Ian Whitehouse (KES 1955-62)];
John Stuart Hemingway (1937-1946) of Brundall, Norwich, died very suddenly on 2nd July 2007 aged 79 [Liz Waller, daughter];
C G (Geoffrey) Smith (1941-50)
died in 2007 (he had been Head Teacher of a school in North Yorkshire) [Ian Bullock (1941-1950)];
Brian Sellars (1954-1961)
died in Nov 2005 [Stephen Pegg (1956-1963)];
Iain Bruce (1948-1955)
died aged 70 on 10th July 2007 in Canada (see 'in memoriam');
K J G (Glynn) Jackson (1963-70)
died of cancer in June 2005, aged 53 (after KES he read Law at King's College London and then practised as a solicitor firstly in Sheffield and then in Buckinghamshire) [Stuart Rider (1963-70)];
Bernard Crabtree (1955-1962) died in 1992 [Joe Eason(1954-61)]
Jan 2008 —
Peter Cowling (KES 1955-1963); died 5 Jan 2008 in Bradford, having suffered from cancer since early 2006 [Alastair Gunn, 56-63]
Dec 2007
Tony Aldridge (KES 1954-1961); died 19 July 2007 of a heart attack sustained when dealing with flood-water [John Hancock, also 54-61] (see also report in local press; another report)
5 Dec 2007 —
Gordon Cumming (KES 1923-1931); Gordon ('Cheese') also taught at KES from 1935 to 1953
Died on 2nd December 2007, aged 95. Thanksgiving Service on Friday 14th December 2007, 1.30 p.m., St Andrews United Reformed Church, Upper Hanover Street (near Somme Barracks) Further Details: John Heath & Sons 0114 272 2222 [Rod Cumming (son)]
28 Nov 2007 —
Philip Allen, Lord Allen of Abbeydale; KES 23-30; obituaries in The Independent, Daily Telegraph, Times
Died on 27 Nov 2007. [Various]
10 Sept 2007 —
Horace Brearley, Master in the 1940s, Yorkshire cricketer, father of Mike Brearley
Died on 14 Aug 2007. [Yorkshire County Cricket Club]
21 June 2007 —
William D S Scobie, English Master in the 1960s
Bill died on 21 June 2007 in hospital on the Wirral. [David Speight]
June 2007 — Dr J J Head, Head of Biology in the 1960s
Dr John Juan Head: - born on 28 October 1928 and died in August 1992. [Philip Robinson]
26 April 2007 — Eric John Green, Woodwork Master from 1956 until the mid 1970s
Eric Green died peacefully of cancer on 26th April at St Joseph's Hospice, Bethnal Green. [Martin Green (son)]
16 February 2007 — William Stacey Furniss, KES 38-49
KES Football Capt 48-49, prefect 47-49, M.B., Ch.B.(Sheffield) [Vanessa Braidwood]

Apr 2007 — (info communicated in Apr 2007) Leslie Camm (1922-1933) d 31 Jan 2000; Raymond Beale (1925-1933) d 1987; Dewi D. Jones (1958-1965) passed away in June 1978

Mar 2007 — (info communicated in Mar 2007) Barrie Wardle (1968-1973/4) passed away in December 2005 (info from Dave Farrell (1968-1973)); John Pearson (1931-1935, S10), died in early 2007 (info from his daughter Mrs Jill Shorthouse [Pearson] (1980-1986, B74)*)

Feb 2007 — (info communicated in Feb 2007) Frank Bailey (1941-1948, B93)^; Derek Williams (1957-1964, NR22)* (Head Prefect 1963-4); Herbert Simmerson (1931-1938, S18); David Pike (1951-1958, S); Malcolm Tummon (1942-1951, S11); Joyce Batty (succeeded Walter Birkinshaw as Head of Maths); Janet Duffin (née Manners) (taught Maths at KES in the 40s); R V (Bob) Townsend (Head Prefect 1941-2); Ron West (1934-1939, S11); Andrew Pinion (1950-1956, GU15) (Deputy Head Prefect 1955-6); John Arthur Hunt (1942-1950, S17)*

Sept 2006 — Mr Chris Knowles, Chemistry Teacher 1972-2004; died 17 Sept 2006

June 2006 — Dr Eric Stefanuti, KES 1944-53; died 6 June 2006, Sheffield

Feb 2006 — Dr Frank Ellis, KES 1917-1924; died Oxford 3 February 2006 aged 100

Jan 2006 — Eric Sivil, KES 28-36, Sheffield

Jan 2006 — Malcolm Edlington, KES 44-54, Clitheroe, Lancs

post-2000 — Dr J P E Balbirnie (1927-1935)

21 Dec 2005 Thomas R. Buckley (1932-1940)

8 Dec 2005 — John Hunt, KES 46-53
Dr John Anthony HUNT, born 30.6.1935, died 8.12.2005, studied Pharmacy at Bradford, followed by an apprenticeship with Boots. Posted to Cyprus for his national service 1958/59. Married to Hazel Carrier with two children born in 1962 and 1964. Worked for most of his career with Glaxo very successfully, travelling the world and becoming a Sales Director. After retirement gained his PhD in the history of pharmacy. Kept in touch with many King Edward's friends and attended reunions regularly. [Jen Unwin, daughter]

Nov 2005Nigel Taylor, KES 44-53

Nov 2005Ted Wragg, KES 49-56, Exeter

Oct 2005Peter David Fells, KES 50-56, Sheffield

May 2005John William Hersee
Keble C, Oxford (19501953) Teacher, King Edward VII S, Sheffield (19541960), then Head of Maths, Clifton C
Executive Director of SMP President of Mathematical Association (19921993)
March 2005Rev V. Alan Vout (b. 10 December 1925) Teacher of Scripture, KES (19561963)
2004 — R. Bruce Chalmers
MA Oxon (Brasenose College); came to KES (Classics Dept) in Summer 1955 from Glasgow Academy and left in July 1961, to be senior classics master at Bromsgrove County High School.

Feb 2001 — John Warwick Buckler, KES 38-45

December 2003 — David Napier Pringle, KES 59-66, Sheffield (

February 2003 — Julian Taylor Hunt, KES 59-66, Stockport (

November 1999 — Richard Cedric German, KES English master in 60s, born 5 September 1934, d Basingstoke (

Sept 1999 — Miss E M Knight, Classics ' master' in the 40s and 50s (info via Ralph Windle)

April 1990 — M A (Michael Andrew) Winter, KES 60-67 (

March 1987 — Jeremy Charles Elwyn Fisher, KES 59-66 (

October 1985 — Olaf Raymond Johnston, KES French master in 50s/60s, born on 4 April 1927 and died in the Oxford area (

October 1974 — I D B Corner (Ian Corner) (1936-1946), Head Prefect (1945-6)
At the time of his early death he had attained the position of General Mines Manager for Ashanti Goldfields Corporation in Ghana West Africa. He had also worked for mining companies in England and South Africa. He was married with four children — three girls and a son, John. His wife also from Sheffield is still alive and remarried some years ago. [Info supplied by his son, John Corner]

Last quarter of 1972 — Julian Edward Peckett, KES 59-66, Leeds ( [Motor accident]

March 1965 — R F J Martin, KES 1951-1957