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John Humphries (KES 1967 – 1974) writes:

"As the recording currently stands, it plays more-or-less in the key of C major, but I’m pretty sure the original was in D flat: I suspect, therefore, that Norman was playing it on a piano which was very flat. My transcription is pretty much what he plays and allows for slight variations between verses and negotiates some (very) tiny slips which he makes. I’m sure the original would have had an organ pedal part and the melody line would also have been written separately. I well remember Enjaybee’s insistence that the last note of each verse should be held for five beats! I haven’t tried to reproduce that here. Also, musicians may remember that Norman was always very proud of the progression of “secondary sevenths” which appear in bars 14 and 15.

I always thought that it was wonderful the way in which the lads on the rugby bus would always burst into “Tempus est” just after they’d finished “Jerusalem”. Also, those of us who knew that the famous flour bomb was about to happen had resolved to sing it as soon as something happened!"