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Norman Barnes

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Settings of spirituals
Don Bunce (KES 60-67) posseses ten of NJB's manuscripts (in the original 1950s purple produced by Banda machines) and David Hope (KES 58-66) has converted them to pdf using the score-writing program Sibelius.
Material from Michael Ainsworth (KES 61-68):
Sam Wesley
1966 Gimmick 1
1966 Gimmick 2
1949 "Everybody Sang" Siegfried Sassoon, music by NJB
Material from Paul Jay (KES 62-69):
Email about NJB
May 1965 (the Sam Wesley Gavotte, Swingled)
May 1967 ('Principia Edwardensia more cantum Angli-corum', or the School Rules set to Psalm Chants)
Havergal E flat, Hopkins Gminor, Felton Cminor, and Harris Eflat