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OEA newsletter Jan 2010: pdf version; webpage version
Invitation (web page) to Maundy Thursday Dinner, 1st Apr 2010;
Invitation (web page) to event at KES, 1st Apr 2010

OEA newsletter, Jan 2009: pdf version; webpage version
Invitation (web page) to Maundy Thursday Dinner 2009.

OEA newsletter, Jan 2008: pdf version; webpage version
Invitation (web page) to Maundy Thursday Dinner 2008.

OEA newsletter, Jan 2007: pdf version; webpage version
Invitation (pdf) to Maundy Thursday Dinner 2007.

OEA newsletter, Feb 2006: pdf version; html version;
(a) Invitation to Maundy Thursday Dinner 2006; (b) various items; (a) and (b) in pdf form;
Appeal for restoration of King Edward VII's portrait - pdf form; html version.

OEA newsletter, July 2005: pdf version; html version

OEA newsletter, Feb 2005: pdf version; html version

The Edwardian - OEA newsletter, July 1997

Letter (Dec 1996) from OEA re Dinner 1997

The Edwardian - OEA newsletter, Sept 1996

1996 - Grand reunion
Letter from KES re Grand 90th Anniversary Reunion
Grand Reunion Brochure 21 Sept 1996


KES Newsletters


Hear Their Footsteps

"Hear Their Footsteps", by John Cornwell, published in May 2014, describes the contributions of Old Edwardians in the First World War, with 92 dead, and the stories of those who survived.
Download the full pdf version.

See also the flyer at

King Ted's

King Ted's: A biography of King Edward VII School Sheffield 1905-2005, by John Cornwell

The full book (448 pages) in pdf format can be viewed or downloaded here.

Child of the War

This is an account by George MacBeth, Head prefect in terms 2 and 3 of 1950/51 (Clapton's first terms as head), of his life pre-Oxford, and deals in detail with his time at KES. MacBeth was an accomplished poet and the book is beautifully written.

Roy Hattersley's autobiography (A Yorkshire Boyhood) gives a more prosaic account of Sheffield at the same time, from the viewpoint of a City Grammar lad.

Both books can often be found second-hand from for around £5 in hard-back.

"Tha'll never gerr in theer..."

This is a collection of reminiscences published in 1995 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the school. There are contributions from about 90 former and current pupils, the most senior having left KES in 1921, and the most junior being 13 at the time.

The school still has a small number of unsold copies (hardback) of the book. These are for sale at the reduced rate of 10.00 if collected directly from the School or 12.95 including postage. Direct requests to: Moira Meadows, the Headteacher's Secretary, King Edward VII School, Glossop Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2PW England; Tel: 0114 266 2518. Email: office*at*

Contributors: — W. Norman Adsetts (42-50); Philip Allen (23-30); David Anderson (KES 48-55, Staff 67-95); Mary Andrews (see Pratt); Matthew Bannister (68-74); Christopher Barnes (53-60); Norman Barnes (staff 47-76); Liz Beeley (90-97); Peter Beeley (31-39); David Beynon (45-52); John Bingham (41-51); J. Warwick Buckler (38-45); Ian Bullock (42-50); J. C. Burgan (37-44); John A. Carter (33-41); Michael Carter (39-47); Peter Chandler (94-2001); Alan G. Corkhill (36-45); Michael Cornthwaite (42-52); John Cornwell (Chair of Governors, 95); Kenneth Creese (40-47); Emily Crook (?-91); V. G. S. Damms (?-35); Richard J. Dexter (48-55); David Downes (49-56); Bill Ferguson (44-50); William Franklin (25-32); Roy Galley (59-66); W. N. Goodwin (18-25); John Goulden (52-59); Peter S. Green (39-48); Dorothy Hall (Staff 71-94); J. Martin Hall (21-28); Alan Hardy (34-39); John Hemming (Staff, 46-76); Michael B. Hill (51-59); Ray Hill (?-30); P. A. Holyoak (?-30); Gordon A. Hughes (41-48); William Humphrey (?-22); Michael Hutchings (48-55); Edward Isaacs (?-25); Arthur Jones (Staff, 58-90); Michael Jackson (47-54); Robert Jackson (42-47); A. M. Jerrom (?-30); Alan Johansson (?-48); Eric Kalman (?-50); Bernard Knowles (master, 1960-69); Roger Laughton (53-60); Jayne Lindley (94-2001); Edward Louth (89-96); George MacBeth (39-51); Emily Maitlis (83-89); Peter Marrison (27-35); Peter Marshall (44-48); Geoffrey Mayhew (?-43?); Trevor Meegan (94-96); Alan Mousley (42-49); Chris Mower (67-74); Katie Murphy (89-96); Jack Newman (19-26); D. A. Nicholls (?-32); Jenny Owen (93-2000); J. Brian Payne (43-51); Geoffrey Philbedge (36-42); David Pollard (69-73); Mary Pratt née Andrews (69-75); George Rayner (14-21); James Readman (52-59); Katie Renwick (90-94); Rony Robinson (52-59); Fiona Rusling née Young (74-76); John Sartin (43-50); Mohammed Shahid (87-91); Dave Sheasby (52-58); Colin Singleton (54-61); Jeremy Stern (?-85); R. F. Stittle (Staff, 66-87); Frederick Thomas (29-35); Geofroy Tory (23-30); David M Turner (46-53); H. E. W. Turner (19-26); Ruben Viner (20s?); Ralph Warrender (24-33); Eric Watson (?-40); Peter Wheatley (29-40); J. Roger Williams (51-58); Tony Woodhead (45-52); Ted Wragg (49-56); Fiona Young (see Rusling, above).