Old Edwardians

Achievements of OEs

  1. David Cook, KES 1956-63, is the current Lord Mayor of Newcastle.
  2. Richard Crooks, KES 1967-74, has published another book about football: "Wednesday v United The Sheffield Derby" available from the publisher or from Amazon.
  3. Christopher Meakin (KES 1955-1962) has had a book on political economy, "The Origin of Economies" published. It takes a business journalist and banker's thorough look at 'economics' and thence argues it needs to be taught differently.
  4. Richard M Price, KES 1959-66, has joined 4-5 Gray's Inn Square (Jan 2017) and has an entry in the peerage via his son Tim.
  5. Richard Crooks, KES 1967-74, has published 2 books about football (available from Amazon), drawing on his experiences as a Wednesday supporter in the 60s and 70s ("Grandad - What was Football like in the 1960s?" and "Grandad - What was Football like in the 1970s?")
  6. Paul Collier (KES 1960-67), Professor of Economics at Oxford, was knighted in 2014.
  7. 18 August 2016: Chris Meakin (KES 1955-62) is founder, owner and CEO of the Goodchild Press Ltd of London, international book publishers. Its two deputy CEOs are Peter Hawksley (KES 1955-62) and Bernard Argent (KES 1956-63) living in Exeter and Washington DC respectively. One of its first books: “Use one of your own to prove its business systems” (advice from Mark Firth (KES 1955-62), living in Calgary, Canada) was – exceptionally – a novel, “The Chinese Ocean” by Chris Meakin published in June 2015. The third member of the team, along with Mark Firth, which originally conceived the publishing house on a Eurostar bootleg school reunion to Paris, 13 February 2014, is Keith Baxby (KES 1955-62) who lives in Dundee. Forthcoming Goodchild titles include “ A Revised List of Trades” by Jay Roland (KES 1974-80; lives on the Lizard, Cornwall) which explains what all those curious job descriptions on old Marriage Certificates such as “Sagger Maker’s Bottom Knocker” actually mean; Jay is one of the world’s leading internet family historians.
  8. Martin Elliott, KES 1962-69, has been appointed as Professor of Physic at Gresham College, London’s oldest Higher Education institution, a position that dates back to 1597. He will deliver a series of six free public lectures, The Heart of the Matter, beginning on 22 October 2014 and running until 27 May at the Museum of London. See the full press release.
  9. Derek Page, KES 1942-49, has written a book "The Curious Mind of a would-be Humorist", available from Amazon [May 2014]
  10. Eric Dancer, KES 1951-58, was appointed Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO) in the 2013 Birthday Honours for his work as Lord-Lieutenant of Devon; the correct style is Sir Eric Dancer KCVO CBE KStJ JP FRSA [Eric Dancer, Jan 2015]
  11. Gordon Hall, KES 1956-62, has recently had a book published. The book, entitled Practice Makes Perfect (under the name of Justin Derwent), is a humorous insight into his life and activities as a newly-qualified dental surgeon starting out in general practice in a country town in west Dorset. The book is available from Amazon, Waterstones or directly from the publishers. [Feb 2014]
  12. Stephen Lavender, KES 1964-71, was awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours for 2014, for ‘economy and regeneration’, for Company growth and support of local people and community groups in Penistone since 1982 and previously in the Lower Swansea Valley Project in the 1970s (KES photos) — 2 Jan 2014
  13. Simon Wesseley, KES 1968-75, was knighted in the 2013 Honours list (KES photos) [John Parr, KES 1968-75] — 30 Dec 2012
  14. Colin Wilkinson, KES 1959-60, who runs the Bluecoat Press in Liverpool, is publishing an English translation from the Hungarian by his brother Tim Wilkinson (KES 1958-1965) : Miklós Mészöly's "Death of an Athlete." [Nov 2012]
  15. Hugh Smailes (KES 1939-46) and Derek Page (KES 1942-49) have had an article published by the People's Pharmacy in the US [July 2012]
  16. Richard S. Haselhurst (64-68), now an electronic engineer in the US, has received an award for invention [2012]
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    Harry Oxer
  18. Harry Oxer (48-51) was honoured in the Australia Day (New Year 2012) Honours list, as a Member of the Order of Australia (about analogous to the OBE) for services to medicine
  19. Anthony Grant OBE (KES 1951-1958), currently in Leeds, was appointed High Sheriff of West Yorkshire for 2011-2012
  20. Ralph Windle (KES 1941-1949) has had a poem, The Enduring Gene, published in Soul Feathers, a poetry anthology in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support (see www.indigodreams.co.uk for details). Well known writers - like Carol Ann Duffy, Seamus Heaney, Maya Angelou, Benjamin Zephaniah - were involved; together with many other invited, less well known, contributors. See also http://en-gb.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=44916667198&topic=15043
  21. Tim Wilkinson (KES 1958-1965) has achieved a degree of eminence with his translations from Hungarian, in particular of the works of the Nobel prize-winner Imre Kertész. See for example this Google search and this list of reviews in the Guardian. [2011]
  22. David Thomson (KES 1963-1970) became Bishop of Huntingdon in 2008
  23. Sophie Mei (aka Sophie Slack, KES 1999-2006) [May 2009]
  24. An OE novelist [Apr 2009]
  25. Who's Who entries [Apr 2009, from Frank Bland]
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